NEW UPDATE (2019.0.2): New Skins, SCORM, Animated Hotspot Preview etc.

This is an exciting one. We spiced up your skin library, added support for Animated Hotspots and aSCORM functions for Javascript Execution. Here are the details:

  • Added 11 new Skins.
  • Added over 30 new Skin Component sets to the Library.
  • Added preview for animated hotspots in the Library.
  • Added SCORM functions for the “Execute Javascript” action.
  • Added “Toggle” behaviour to the “Show/Hide Components” action for all kinds of elements and hotspots.
  • Added “Open in the Same Spot in Carousel settings” option in the Publish tab for Panoramas/360 Videos.
  • Added “Item Hor. Align” and “Item Vert. Align” options for Thumbnail List. The current “Hor. Align” and “Vert. Align” behaviour has been changed to allow you to modify the alignment for all items in the Thumbnail List container.
  • Added Viewer option in “Media Control” action. Now you can apply the media control action to any viewer or a specific viewer.
  • Fixed a problem with the “Download File” action and PDF files in the autoexecutable (reported by Frederic).
  • Fixed a problem with text hotspots where the changes could be applied in several texts (reported by Ronald).
  • Fixed an error when loading a RAW image in Mac (reported by Markus).
  • Fixed a problem saving a GIF hotspot into the library (reported by Thu Ha).
  • Fixed the tooltip when the source was changed in the hotspot (reported by James).
  • Fixed some minor issues.

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