Virtual Tours on YouTube

3DVista VT PRO includes a new export format which converts your virtual tour into a 360º video, ready to be uploaded onto "video-only" platforms and thus significantly increasing your reach. We get asked this a lot, and yes, you can upload your virtual tours to YouTube, Facebook and other platforms that support 360º videos. Ticking… Continue reading Virtual Tours on YouTube


Virtual Tours offline on Oculus Rift

3DVista is one of the few virtual tour programs that allow you to create tours that can be shown offline in non-autonomous VR devices, such as Oculus Rift, HTC Vive or Microsoft Mixed Reality. Because we get asked this a lot - here's a detail description of how to get there: Create your virtual tour… Continue reading Virtual Tours offline on Oculus Rift

3DVista API Calls for Scorm 1.2

Connect your 3DVista virtual tours to your LMS platform using our API. Virtual Tours are the perfect tool for training, exams, interactive tests etc. They have proven to trigger levels of engagement that maximize attention and thus knowledge retention to an extent that photos, videos and presentations could not. Usually you have your own Learning… Continue reading 3DVista API Calls for Scorm 1.2

New Skins available

Our team of graphic designers created 8 beautiful new skins and dozens of skin elements, which will give your virtual tours the last bit of "architectural hue" to wow your audience. As of today, you can find them in your skin library, ready to spice up your tours (and save you lots of time!). Get the… Continue reading New Skins available

NEW UPDATE (2018.2.4): Copy/Paste of Hotspots, Animated PNG Hotspots, SCORM, Targeted Preview & much more.

This is a strong one: Added COPY/PASTE FOR HOTSPOTS with Ctrl+C / Ctrl+V. You can select several hotspots in the list with Ctrl or Shift pressed. Added COPY/PASTE FOR SKIN ELEMENTS with Ctrl+C / Ctrl+V. Added Copy/Paste options in the Edit menu. Added "Include SCORM" option in the Publish popup. Supported Animated PNG (APNG) format… Continue reading NEW UPDATE (2018.2.4): Copy/Paste of Hotspots, Animated PNG Hotspots, SCORM, Targeted Preview & much more.