Features Presented: 3D EFFECT

Today’s episode is about a feature that many virtual tour creators appreciate so much, they’ll buy a special camera worth 6 months’ rent and pay a significant monthly fee just to get it. We are talking about 3D transition effects, which simulate actual movement when “walking” a tour rather than fading your panoramas through black. “It’s like playing a video game inside your own house” … Continue reading Features Presented: 3D EFFECT

Features Presented: HOTSPOTS

In this series, we’ll present our Virtual Tour PRO (VT PRO) features one by one. And Hotspots, we thought, are definitely a worthy feature to kick this series off with. They are what’ll make your virtual tours stand out from others as they allow you to truly convert your show into an interactive, interesting and engaging experience where there are many things to be discovered. … Continue reading Features Presented: HOTSPOTS

Why you should urgently republish your tours

We constantly update our software and tour players to give you and your audience the best virtual experience – no matter their device and connection. That’s why, in general, we recommend you periodically republish your tours to make their underlying tech update to our latest improvements. This time, a few extraordinary events (Thanks, Google) make it even more important you hit the “publish” button on … Continue reading Why you should urgently republish your tours

The One Feature Your 360º Videos Should Never Lack

We’ve all heard plenty about Virtual Reality and 360º Video. Creating your own little 360º experience is a piece of cake since you can buy a 360º camera as easily as a pack of cigarettes (way easier even). But just how far can this piece of hardware get you in terms of your business’ performance? How exactly can this help your particular business? Give a … Continue reading The One Feature Your 360º Videos Should Never Lack