New Update 2018.0.15 (19.07.2018)

Here’s what’s new: * The application now shows you the option to apply the Panorama Pose if it is found in the metadata. This means that if you’re using a one-shot 360º camera and it wasn´t perfectly levelled when you took a panorama, the software will automatically read and correct this, so that you panorama’s horizon is absolutely horizontal. * Added the VR Menu to … Continue reading New Update 2018.0.15 (19.07.2018)

New BETA – manual download required

Just a couple of weeks ago, we announced the separate launch of our BETA line, which is essentially the future version of our 3DVista Virtual Tour PRO. You can download it as a separate program onto your computer (so you can keep your “normal” Virtual Tour PRO and go back and use it anytime you want) and already use all the new features that we … Continue reading New BETA – manual download required

Update 2018.0.0 (June 25th 2018)

Probably one of the biggest updates to date. Here’s everything that’s new in your 3DVista VT PRO: Windows: The application now supports 64 bits native version. This takes advantage of the full performance capacity of today’s hardware allowing the program to run various processes in parallel, which notably speeds them up. IMPORTANT: It requires 2 updates with the official version to get the 64 bits version … Continue reading Update 2018.0.0 (June 25th 2018)

BETA Launch – Try out new FEATURES before anyone else

We have opened our beta line for 3DVista Virtual Tour PRO to the public. Others limit their circle of beta users to a small elite group, but we’ve decided to open this line to anyone who wants to keep right at the forefront of progress. In other words, we are publicly launching a parallel program line which will carry the latest and most innovative functions … Continue reading BETA Launch – Try out new FEATURES before anyone else