NEW UPDATE (2018.2.4): Copy/Paste of Hotspots, Animated PNG Hotspots, SCORM, Targeted Preview & much more.

This is a strong one: Added COPY/PASTE FOR HOTSPOTS with Ctrl+C / Ctrl+V. You can select several hotspots in the list with Ctrl or Shift pressed. Added COPY/PASTE FOR SKIN ELEMENTS with Ctrl+C / Ctrl+V. Added Copy/Paste options in the Edit menu. Added "Include SCORM" option in the Publish popup. Supported Animated PNG (APNG) format... Continue Reading →

New Beta Update 2018.2.0

Exciting new stuff on this one. Check it out, use it in our beta version and as always - get excited for it to move to the official 3DVista Virtual Tour PRO Version very soon 😉 Added new publish format "To 360º video" which converts and publishes your virtual tour as a 360º video so... Continue Reading →

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