3DVista Market Place goes live

Today, we are proudly presenting the latest puzzle piece to our 3DVista community: The Market Place. Have a browse and start offering and finding skins, graphics, sounds and other supporting elements for your virtual tours.

Out NOW: Animated Panoramas

Highly anticipated and finally here: As of today, our beta version supports Animated Panoramas. That means you can overlay videos on top of your panorama ("video hotspots") making it look like a part of the panorama is animated. In our first demo, have Markus explain to you the art of perfume making. And, beyond an... Continue Reading →

Fond of new fonts?

Much requested and finally here Use any font you wish in your virtual tours. Whether for an info window, buttons or text element inside your tour - use and equip them with your favourite font. In fact, any font that you may have installed on your computer can be used inside VT PRO to truly... Continue Reading →

Why you should urgently republish your tours

We constantly update our software and tour players to give you and your audience the best virtual experience - no matter their device and connection. That's why, in general, we recommend you periodically republish your tours to make their underlying tech update to our latest improvements. This time, a few extraordinary events (Thanks, Google) make... Continue Reading →

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