UPDATE 2019.1.1: Google Street View

The Google Street View Publisher has been moved from the beta version to our official Virtual Tour PRO. And as requested by so many of you, it allows you to link your GSV tours to a business form inside the software, as well šŸ˜‰ These are some of the other new features and updates: 24/04/2019... Continue Reading →

NEW UPDATE 2019.0.4: Deep Linking, Partial Panoramas and more

New Deep LinkingĀ "trigger-overlay-name" and "trigger-overlay-event" options for the tour url. Allows you to customize a tour's URL so that it opens directly in specific spots and with specific hotspots. This allows you to send customized URL's of your tour that lead and automatically trigger the defined hotspot at startup. The parameter "media-index" or "media-name" is... Continue Reading →


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