NEW UPDATE: 2019.0.8

The existing just got better 😉 Improvements for Adaptive 360 Video (requires "clean cache"). Fixed a problem with loading the viewer selected in the "Media Control" action (reported by B P). Fixed an incorrect height in the preview with the "Open Popup Media" and a Video 360 selected (reported by B P). Fixed a problem… Continue reading NEW UPDATE: 2019.0.8


NEW UPDATE: 2019.0.7

Permission to select all media elements (including media outside of the Carousel) in the "Custom" option for Thumbnail List and Dropdown components. Fixed the zoom value, which wasn't updated in 360º Video when you changed from one media to another (reported by Caroline). Fixed the "Open Popup Media" with albums (reported by Karl). Fixed the… Continue reading NEW UPDATE: 2019.0.7

NEW UPDATE 2019.0.4: Deep Linking, Partial Panoramas and more

New Deep Linking "trigger-overlay-name" and "trigger-overlay-event" options for the tour url. Allows you to customize a tour's URL so that it opens directly in specific spots and with specific hotspots. This allows you to send customized URL's of your tour that lead and automatically trigger the defined hotspot at startup. The parameter "media-index" or "media-name" is… Continue reading NEW UPDATE 2019.0.4: Deep Linking, Partial Panoramas and more

NEW UPDATE (2019.0.2): New Skins, SCORM, Animated Hotspot Preview etc.

This is an exciting one. We spiced up your skin library, added support for Animated Hotspots and aSCORM functions for Javascript Execution. Here are the details: Added 11 new Skins. Added over 30 new Skin Component sets to the Library. Added preview for animated hotspots in the Library. Added SCORM functions for the "Execute Javascript"… Continue reading NEW UPDATE (2019.0.2): New Skins, SCORM, Animated Hotspot Preview etc.

New Skins available

Our team of graphic designers created 8 beautiful new skins and dozens of skin elements, which will give your virtual tours the last bit of "architectural hue" to wow your audience. As of today, you can find them in your skin library, ready to spice up your tours (and save you lots of time!). Get the… Continue reading New Skins available