3DVista API Calls for Scorm 1.2

Connect your 3DVista virtual tours to your LMS platform using our API. Virtual Tours are the perfect tool for training, exams, interactive tests etc. They have proven to trigger levels of engagement that maximize attention and thus knowledge retention to an extent that photos, videos and presentations could not. Usually you have your own Learning… Continue reading 3DVista API Calls for Scorm 1.2


NEW UPDATE 2019.0.4: Deep Linking, Partial Panoramas and more

New Deep Linking "trigger-overlay-name" and "trigger-overlay-event" options for the tour url. Allows you to customize a tour's URL so that it opens directly in specific spots and with specific hotspots. This allows you to send customized URL's of your tour that lead and automatically trigger the defined hotspot at startup. The parameter "media-index" or "media-name" is… Continue reading NEW UPDATE 2019.0.4: Deep Linking, Partial Panoramas and more

RAW now Supported by Stitcher & VT PRO

So eagerly awaited by many of you, our programs now support RAW format images. This means, when shooting in RAW, you can conveniently import images in RAW format straight from your camera into Stitcher 4 to create amazing panoramas, without loss of quality. Apart from that, you can also import RAW panoramas in dng format,… Continue reading RAW now Supported by Stitcher & VT PRO

New Tutorial on Virtual Staging

This is how we created our New York City Loft Tour. What's so special about this tour is a) it's been created with panoramic CAD images and b)it features Virtual Staging - great for architects, photographers and realtors (or just anyone wanting to compare and simulate different scenarios). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6xa0ZQsYACg   A 360º interactive virtual tour that… Continue reading New Tutorial on Virtual Staging